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The Importance of Temporary Window Vinyl for New Retail Stores and Developments
Alex Perry

In the dynamic world of retail, first impressions are pivotal. A store’s storefront is not just a physical boundary but a canvas for creating excitement and curiosity. This is where temporary window vinyl plays a crucial role, especially for new retail stores and developments. Done correctly, as exemplified by Right Way Signs, this strategy can transform a mere construction site into a buzzing topic of anticipation.

The Art of Concealing to Reveal

New retail establishments often face the challenge of unsightly construction phases. Temporary window vinyl effectively masks these work-in-progress scenes, maintaining the location’s aesthetic appeal. This is not just about hiding; it’s about setting the stage for a grand reveal. By obscuring the ongoing work, retailers create a sense of mystery and anticipation, ensuring that the final unveiling of the store is a moment of surprise and delight for the community.

A Canvas for Communication

The phase leading up to the opening of a new store is an opportune time for storytelling. Temporary window vinyl serves as an engaging medium to educate and inform the public about the “coming soon” business. It’s an opportunity to start building a relationship with potential customers, offering them a glimpse into what the store will bring to their lives. This proactive communication strategy helps in embedding the store in the community’s consciousness even before its doors officially open.

Building Excitement the Right Way

The effectiveness of temporary window vinyl hinges on its execution. Right Way Signs exemplifies how it should be done. Consider the case of Fatpour in Lincolnwood, Chicago. Their window vinyl, installed on the outside and masterfully designed by Right Way Signs, is hard to miss. It’s not just about visibility; it’s about crafting a message that resonates and captures attention.

On the contrary, a neighboring business provides a stark contrast. They chose banners installed from the interior, facing out. The result? A setup that’s hard to read due to glare and window tint. Over time, these interior banners tend to sag or fall, creating a sloppy appearance that can detract from the store’s image.

Example of hard to read temporary window graphics (not by Right Way). Hard to read compared with neighboring Fatpour.
Temporary window graphics by Right Way Signs – installed first surface. Easy to ready.

Why Exterior Installation Matters

Right Way Signs recommends installing temporary window vinyl on the exterior for several reasons:

  1. Reduced Glare: Exterior installation significantly diminishes the glare that can make signage hard to read. This ensures that the message is clear and impactful, regardless of the time of day.
  2. Tint and Distortion: Many retail stores have tinted windows for energy efficiency and privacy. While beneficial for store operations, they can distort and darken interior-installed graphics. Exterior vinyl sidesteps this issue, preserving the vibrancy and clarity of the design.
  3. Durability and Presentation: Exterior vinyl tends to withstand elements better, reducing the risk of sagging or damage. This maintains a neat and professional look throughout the pre-launch phase.

Making a Statement with Design

The design of the window vinyl is as crucial as its placement. Right Way Signs’ approach to designing for Fatpour demonstrates the power of thoughtful design. The key is to create something that not just grabs attention but also aligns with the brand’s identity. This involves a careful selection of colors, fonts, and imagery that resonate with the target audience while staying true to the brand’s ethos.

A Marketing Tool with Multi-faceted Benefits

Temporary window vinyl serves multiple marketing objectives:

  1. Brand Awareness: It introduces the brand to potential customers in a visually appealing way.
  2. Engagement: Well-designed window graphics can encourage social media sharing, further amplifying the store’s reach.
  3. Information Sharing: It’s an ideal platform for sharing essential information like opening dates, special offers, or even job openings.
  4. Community Integration: By giving a sneak peek into what’s coming, it starts weaving the store into the community’s fabric.

Conclusion: Doing it the Right Way

In conclusion, temporary window vinyl is more than just a cover-up for construction; it’s a strategic marketing tool that, when used effectively, can significantly contribute to the success of a new retail store. The comparison between Fatpour and its neighboring business underscores the importance of not just using window graphics but doing it the “right way.”

For retailers looking to make a splash with their new venture, the message is clear: Pay attention to the details of your temporary window graphics. Opt for exterior installation to ensure visibility and clarity, and invest in quality design that reflects your brand and speaks to your future customers. By following these guidelines, your store can turn heads and build excitement long before the doors open, setting the stage for a successful launch.

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