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Sign Painting for Radio Flyer
Alex Perry

Radio Flyer is an iconic American company that started in Chicago in 1917

and 100 years later, we had the honor and privilege of hand lettering one of their old fashioned vehicles last month. Our goal was to take their design and help make it as authentic as possible, giving it a human touch from a sign painter just like you would have seen if you were alive to see the real thing back in the early 1900s. Ches Perry, Right Way’s lead sign painter, took two days to work on this project and this was too cool of a project not to capture on video. so we brought along Alex Donnelly and his crew to record the entire sign painting project. Enjoy!

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Dollop Coffee & Tea
“Right Way Signs are equally creative as they are professional. They understand the vision of Dollop and exceed my expectations project after project. I can’t really see myself going with another company, period.”