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Puck Is Going

Introducing our latest masterpiece: a stunning 2′ x 3′ print featuring the iconic quote by Wayne Gretzky, “I go to where the puck is going, not where it’s been.” Designed by the talented Ches Perry, this artwork captures the essence of forward-thinking and ambition.

Premium Quality: Printed on premium 10pt matte paper stock with gloss ink

Inspiring Quote: Wayne Gretzky’s wisdom serves as a constant reminder to chase your goals.

Ches Perry Design: Renowned for his artistic prowess, Ches Perry’s work is a conversation starter.

Whether you’re a hockey enthusiast, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply looking to add some motivation to your surroundings, this print is a perfect fit. Hang it in your office, living room, or even your bedroom to stay inspired every day.

🎁 Great Gift Idea: Looking for a unique gift? Ches Perry’s print makes a thoughtful and inspiring present for friends, family, or colleagues who appreciate the power of determination and forward thinking.

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