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Michigan Blueberries

Savor the essence of summer with Ches Perry’s hand-painted grocery store design poster, featuring Michigan Blueberries. This vibrant and colorful artwork brings to life the freshness and natural beauty of one of Michigan’s most beloved fruits.

Crafted with Perry’s signature style, the poster blends traditional sign painting techniques with a modern flair, making it a perfect addition to any kitchen, dining area, or retail space.

This poster isn’t just a visual treat; it’s a celebration of local produce and the simple joys of healthy, natural eating. Ideal for food enthusiasts, Michigan natives, or anyone who appreciates fine art with a down-to-earth touch. Add this charming piece to your collection and bring a taste of Michigan’s summer into your home.

Size: 24″. x 30″
Material: 10pt Premium Matte Paper with Gloss Print

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