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Hand Painted Roof Logo in Iowa
Alex Perry

Hand painted roof logos and artwork are a great and unique way to get attention. Right Way Signs was recently hired to paint a 65,000 sq/ft emblem with built QR codes. Right Way Signs specializes in hand painted roof logos, roof artwork and other unique roof signs across the country. Contact us if you are interested in promoting your company, organization with a sign that can be seen from space!

Roof logo and message hand painted for Hy-Vee Supermarket in Des Moines, Iowa.
View of the hand painted roof logo with the airport in the background.

View of the rooftop logo with the parking lot and front entrance of the grocery store.
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Dollop Coffee & Tea
“Right Way Signs are equally creative as they are professional. They understand the vision of Dollop and exceed my expectations project after project. I can’t really see myself going with another company, period.”