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City of Chicago Releases Mural Guide
Alex Perry

The City of Chicago, recognizing the importance hand painted murals play throughout our city, released a resource guide to murals recently (April 2019). This guide is to help all those considering painting an exterior mural on the proper steps and considerations before painting a mural.

Mural of Abraham Lincoln painted by Right Way Signs of Chicago in 2018. This mural did not need permits and does not contain any logos, slogans or business identification.

Right Way Signs of Chicago are experts on painting exterior mural and signs and can assist anyone interested in having a mural painted through the process which includes making sure the right paint is selected, proper weather conditions for painting, working with City of Chicago officials and residents, etc.

One important factor is permitting. As long as the mural does not contain the business name, logo, slogan, trademark or other business identification, it will be considered a mural. An ordnance was recently passed allowing acknowledgement for a sponsor on the mural, with the logo not exceeding 2 sq/ft.

Download the City of Chicago Mural Resource Guide Here
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